Buyer in Del Lago

If you want a true professional to help you find a house, Dave Jensen is just that. He helped us buy a house that we seen online while we were in Las Vegas, NV. We had meet a few months before when we were in Montgomery, TX, and showed us a bunch of places. We called at the last minute and he was  able to fit us in. We made an offer on a new home in April sound, but the builder wouldn’t come down enough on the price. We went back to Vegas, but kept in touch. I seen a house online that my wife liked, and Dave checked out for us. We made an offer and they excepted. Dave put us in touch with a lender and a good home inspector. He made sure the builder did the repairs and was with us for our walk through. He was present for every turn, and because he made sure of everything, we were able to close in 22 days. He did such a good job, my wife’s sister just used his help to buy a new home also. So as far as we are concerned, he’s a five star Professional.