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Home Buyer Roadmap

How do you start.  And what do we do now, and what comes next?  Buying a home is a process.  Reduce the stress.  Become more informed.  When you you know what to do as you walk through the whole process, you are a more informed, more confident and prepared consumer. 

And here's the Deep Dive Guide for Home Buyers 

Are you a First Time Home Buyer?  You'll want This Guide for sure!

For Sellers, here's a Seller's Checklist

Have you given ANY thoughts to moving?  Selling your property takes planning.  To get the best results, have a look at this checklist so you get an idea of what to do to get your home in great shape to attract the buyers. 

Also, here's the Deep Dive Guide for Sellers

Things to Consider When Selling Your Home

Compare Renting versus Owning

So you think it's best to rent for awhile while you wait for a better market.  or get your finances ready.  Or just want to stall until you feel ready.  Have a look at these pro's and cons of renting versus owning.  Maybe renting is best for you!  Or maybe it's time to own a place.



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