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Here are the 2 lenders I work with most.  Reach out to one (or both) and get a feel for whomever you like best.  If you already have a lender, great!  Talk to them.

And whenever you have questions, reach out to me.   Folks in m group focus on demystifying the process.  


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Each of these lenders are familiar with the relevant programs in our area and work well with buyers, investors and folks who want to sell a home then buy another.  Putting together the puzzle can be intimidating.  That's why I work with these folks - we coordinate the process to ensure minimal stress for you.


If you prefer to get a GENERAL feel for what you can qualify to buy before talking with a lender, these 2 sites have home affordability calculators to get you started

1 - (Home Affordability Calculator)

2 - (How Much House Can I Afford)


You'll only get a simplified view of affordability, and they do not account for special incentive programs in the area, your credit (good or bad), or your job stability, each of which affect what you can afford.


It’s just a place to start, and will not give the most accurate picture.  


When you’re ready to get serious, talk with a lender.  Find out for real what you can do.